End-to-end encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication.


End-to-end encrypted and secured by your Ethereum wallet.


Once you connect your wallet and authorize Inb0x, you’re ready to go.


Contact any wallet on the network to make offers, connect, and more.

Why do I need to connect my wallet?
  • Connect your wallet, we rely on your metamask connected wallet to securely store your messages. We only support soft metamask wallets on desktop for now.

Do I need to activate my wallet?
  • You need to sign a message to us to verify you actually own the wallet you are trying to send messages from.

Why do I need to decrypt?
  • In order to keep your messages encrypted and private even from us, you generate a key pair per wallet. To make sure no one but you can read your private key, we rely on metamask to encrypt it for you, meaning only your access to your wallet can grant access to your public key. Every time you come back to inbox, metamask will help decrypt your key so you can read messages sent to you. Be careful when you’re sending messages to someone who hasn’t generated their key pair yet, we won’t be able to encrypt those messages but sending them a friendly welcome to get back to you is a great idea!